Flower Expo Ukraine 2020 postponed to 13-15 April 2021!
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Flower Expo Ukraine 2020 gaining interest from South American growers and exporters”

From 8-10 April 2020 Flower Expo Ukraine will kick off its 14th edition at the International Exhibition Centre (IEC) in Kyiv.

During the last edition the exhibition welcomed 97 companies from 7 countries and during the 3 days of the exhibition 9.155 visitors made their way to the exhibition.

Flower Expo Ukraine is being organised under the patronage of the Flower Council of Ukraine and each year, the exhibition brings together industry professionals from the horticultural sector from around Ukraine and CIS Countries.

During the exhibition a very extensive conference- and demo program is being organised. Besides the floristic demonstrations that attract florists from all over Ukraine and neighbouring countries the organisers will also host a conference on municipal greening including relevant topics such as usage of patio roses in urban landscaping, vertical greening, maintenance of green area’s and strategies for the reconstruction of old parks, boulevards and alleys.

Growing interest from South America

Ukraine is one the last emerging markets in Europe with a population of over 45 million people.

At the end of 2019, Ukraine has been seeing good economic development figures. According to estimates of the State Statistics Service, GDP growth in the third quarter exceeded 4% in annual terms. This means that economic growth over the whole year has surpassed the figure of 2018 at a little over 3%, being the highest over the past eight years.

Traditionally the exhibition attracts a high number of exhibitors from The Netherlands and other European countries. For the coming edition the organisers see an increase in participants from South America such as: Caicas Flowers SAS (Colombia), Champion – International Freight Forwarding & Logistics Providers (Colombia), Invos Flowers (Colombia), Agricola El Chaupi Agrochaupi (Ecuador), FreshLink Cargo (Ecuador) and Royal Flowers (Ecuador / U.S.A.).

According to the organisers this trend runs parallel to the favourable economic situation in the country and increasing purchasing power of Ukrainian people. In addition, consumption of flowers and plants is very well embedded in the culture and furthermore flowers and plants are given on numerous of occasions e.g. birthdays, international women’s day (March 8th), first school day (September 1st) and teachers day (the first Sunday of October). Valentine’s day is also increasing in popularity

In 2019 the import of roses alone increased with more than 25%, about 1/3 of all floral products arrive from South America. Given this strong demand it is obvious that the Ukrainian market offers great potential to exporters of flowers and plants and in particular to South American growers who are looking to supply their customers directly.

Participation in Flower Expo Ukraine 2020

Participation in the upcoming edition of Flower Expo Ukraine is still possible.

Companies which are interested in participation are advised to contact with the organisers to discuss further details.

The organisers work with a dedicated team of floral designers which enables them to provide an extensive service to exhibitors including; floral arrangements, collective transport, product presentations and sponsoring of product for one of the numerous floristic demonstrations which are being organised during the exhibition.

For more information please visit: www.flowerexpo-ukraine.com

February 2020


Agricola El Chaupi from Ecuador to participate at Flower Expo Ukraine 2020!

“The Chaupi Farm” was incorporated, as a company in Ecuador five years ago, at the County of “Cayambe“, in the Parrish “Olmedo“.

It is located at the slope of the “Cayambe Volcano“, at an altitude of 3,200 meters above sea level, which guarantees the production of flowers of the highest quality. Throughout this time they have been dedicated to the development, introduction and adaptation of new varieties of Runuculus and Anenmons, and for that purpose we have encoded and selected those with the best agronomic behavior regarding their productivity, health, head size, number of petals, color intensity, length and caliber of the stems and, most of all, their life span in the vase.

Finally, by being a company dedicated to the DEVELOPMENT and INNOVATION of new crops and varieties, they shall be constantly offering new novelty products, of great commercial interest and, to serve that purpose the company offers a personalized service, different from their competitors, in terms of quality.

Find out more at www.agricolaelchaupi.com


Greening of cities: from scientific insight to practice

Urban greening? Easier said than done! Dr. Wiebke Klemm has carried out research into the green, climate-proof design of cities. In an interview with De Groene Stad, she explains how we can bridge the gap between scientific insights and greening in practice.

How can we ensure that existing and future green space contributes more than ever to healthy and liveable cities?

The Green Agenda concretizes existing knowledge about the functional value of greenery and helps to convert it into innovative applications. The result is input for activities that contribute to an improved living environment. Royal FloraHolland is working on this together with De Groene Stad.

Passion for landscape architecture
Wiebke Klemm explains: “My passion is to make urban outdoor space both attractive and functional. To create a pleasant environment in which to live, work and play, as well as an environment that contributes to a liveable, healthy city. This includes planning, designing and managing urban green space for a more heat-resistant city.”

Towards a liveable city
“Parks, trees and vegetation often play a secondary role in the development and design of city streets. We often consider urban green space as an ‘object’ or ‘furniture’ that makes the public space ‘more beautiful’ when all other spatial functions have already been distributed. But green means much more than just making our cities ‘more beautiful’. Look at all the positive effects of a liveable and healthy city:

  • Improves urban climate;
  • Promotes social encounters;
  • Reduces heat and noise;
  • Collects excess rainwater;
  • Increases biodiversity.

These actual ecosystem functions are described in numerous scientific studies. The question is how we realize this. How can we ensure that existing and future green space contributes more than ever to healthy and liveable cities?”

Are we heading in the right direction?
“Yes, in recent years new insights from science and practice have become available. We can translate this basis into the daily practices needed for creating and managing green space. The effective use of greenery starts by finding out which types of plants and trees can reduce heat stress and limit flooding. We are also increasingly seeing that the issue of climate adaptation is being tackled throughout the entire chain – from tree growers and landscape architects to landscapers and managers. We must now embed climate resilience in procedures and ongoing projects, and finally, make funding available.”

Is there a role for city dwellers in this?
“Absolutely! All green space helps lower the temperature of a city – whether this green space consists of parks, green tram lanes or green front and back gardens. Residents can also contribute to a better urban climate by greening their gardens. Although there is often a lack of awareness about this. My advice? Inspire the right people and set the right standards while simultaneously spreading the message of the added value of green. At the moment, residents mainly see the nuisance of trees or greenery: ‘They drop too many leaves, reduce parking space and cause more bird droppings.’ Encourage property owners to take up their own role, for example by making their front and back gardens greener, thus making the city greener together with the municipality.”

The city of the future
“What I would like is for greenery to become an integral part of cities, as a matter of course. Not only by putting in plants as an afterthought and/or ‘because it looks nice’. In the future, the design and layout of cities will be a matter of mixed application of water and greenery. In my ideal city, the cohesion of green zones and green networks would be optimally utilized. As a result, the city would offer people a healthy and liveable environment – for living and working.”

Source: Royal FloraHolland / FloralDaily


Dutch Embassy awards Ukrainian village with certificate for landscape design and greening.

The Village Lysets in Khmelnytsky oblast (Дунаєвецька ОТГ), Ukraine, received the certificate for landscape design and greening.

The Dutch Embassy together with Kornelis Nursery will help the village in creating another beautiful spot next to its waterfall. Arno Kortleven from Kornelis is looking forward to cooperation with the Lysets community.

Read more at www.agroberichtenbuitenland.nl

Source: FloralDaily 26-09-2019

Over 9.000 visitors made their way to Flower Expo Ukraine 2019!

Flower Expo Ukraine, which was held last week at the International Exhibition Centre in Kyiv, marked its 13th edition and was officially opened by Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands; Mr. Ed Hoeks and his spouse; Mrs. Odilia de Ranitz, Honorary President of Flower Expo Ukraine; Maryna Kinakh, The President of the Flower Council of Ukraine; Mrs. Iryna Slobodyanyuk and the Managing Director of Nova Exhibitions; Mr. Kuno Jacobs.

One of the characteristics of this 13th edition was the positive feedback from participants and visitors about the development of the Ukrainian flower market; after years of decreasing salaries the purchasing power of nearly 45 million consumers is steadily increasing again and imports of flowers and plants, as well as local production, are on the rise.

This year the exhibition welcomed 97 companies from 7 countries and during the 3 days of the exhibition 9.155 visitors made their way to the exhibition.

That Ukrainians are very fond of flowers and plants is not a surprise; flowers and plants are given on numerous of occasions such as Woman’s Day, Valentines Day, Teachers Day, Birthdays and as presents in general, in addition Western holidays such as for example Mothers day are also gaining popularity.

The reforms implemented by the government in the previous years are making it easier to export flowers and plants to Ukraine and in addition the free trade agreement with the EU, which has eliminated many duties, has contributed to this.

Some of the highlights of this edition of Flower Expo Ukraine included the baptism ceremony of Gerbera novelty Lady Mara® from Florist Holland, a collective pavilion for the nursery sector, the conference “Green Future of Your City”, which attracted 200 delegates, and a very extensive demo program featuring two greatly organised bridal shows from FlowerFame and FlowerCircus attracting huge crowds.

The nursery pavilion and conference were made possible with financial support from The Netherlands Embassy in Kyiv and organised with support of Royal Anthos, the Royal Trade Association for Nursery Stock and Flower Bulbs in the Netherlands.

The organisers of Flower Expo Ukraine are committed to bring back the topics of municipal greening, landscaping and nursery stock into the exhibition and the activities which were organised this year targeting the nursery sector are a very positive first step, especially as the participants of the nursery pavilion have indicated to be very satisfied with their first time participation.

Flower Expo Ukraine 2020 is scheduled from 8-10 April and will once again take place in the International Exhibition Centre in Kyiv.


Visit the «Ascania-Flora» stand (D1) at Flower Expo 2019!!!

«Ascania-Flora» company is the largest Ukrainian roses` producer and leading player in Europe roses flower market. The company was founded in 2000.

The greenhouse complex occupies 22 hectares with more than 600 people are employed.

Today the specialists of Ascania-Flora grow 35 varieties of roses in areas under glass using the latest Dutch technology with a computerized climate control system that provides:

– production in greenhouse with height of 5 meters;
– cultivation on rockwool substrate;
– drip irrigation and plant nutrition;
– artificial lighting system;
– dispensing system of carbon dioxide;

Ascania-Flora uses the biological methods to protect the plants from diseases and pests.

The company buys planting material from leading European breeding companies (the Netherlands, Germany and France).

The enterprise received for its fruitful work the numerous letters, votes and prizes, both national and international ones. Ascania-Flora was many times the holder of the certificate for the record levels of flowers cutting.


Agricultural Counsellor of the Netherlands Embassy in Kyiv, Carolien Spaans, invites you for the conference «Green Future of Your City», which will take place during Flower Expo Ukraine!


«CERAMIKA DESIGN» at Flower Expo Ukraine 2019!

CERAMIKA DESIGN is a large Ukrainian manufacturing company that specializes in laconic European-style interior flower ceramics.

The assortment includes both universal and specialized pots (for cacti, violets, orchids, palm trees, flower arrangements). Color range: from pastel to bright shades.

The company has been on the market for 18 years. Production is popular in Ukraine, the Russian Federation, Moldova, Kazakhstan, the Republic of Belarus.


Ebben Nurseries to participate at Flower Expo Ukraine 2019!

Ebben Nurseries has been active as a producer of trees and other plants for use in green projects since 1862. Based on our green vision and approach to the cultivation of trees, we provide identity to home, working and living environments, create atmosphere and contribute to biodiversity. With a varied and unusual collection of trees and shrubs for every imaginable application, we know how to transform your green project into an impressive outdoor space. Ebben Nurseries also aims to contribute to a broad view of sustainable and green applications in outdoor spaces, as a knowledge partner.

Ebben specialises in multi-stem trees, climbing trees, trees for avenues and parks, characteristic trees and solitary shrubs. At our nursery we cultivate all species, shapes and sizes, from small shrubs to park trees with trunk circumferences of no less than a metre and a half. You are sure to find the right selection in the right size and quantity to meet all your green requirements at Ebben Nurseries.

During Flower Expo Ukraine an international conference “Green Future of Your City” is being organised. Mr. Leo Kooijman from Ebben Nurseries will also contribute and share his views on Greening the city on the long term. To check the conference program and register please visit: https://www.flowerexpo-ukraine.com/en/conference/

More info about Ebben Nurseries can be found on: www.ebben.nl


The organizers of Flower Expo Ukraine welcome the participation of Royal Flowers, one of Ecuador’s largest growers, at Flower Expo Ukraine 2019, which will take place from 16-18 April 2019 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Having participated a number of times before, the organizers are very pleased to see Royal Flowers returning to the exhibition with its own booth showing their best varieties and novelties.

Founded in 1991, Royal Flowers is one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-quality flowers with inventory in Quito, Miami and the Netherlands.

Their farms are located in two separate areas in the Andean highlands of Ecuador. Their distinct and ideal microclimates enable the cultivation of vibrant and hardy flowers in nutrient-rich volcanic soil, irrigated with glacial water from nearby volcanoes and lit with consistent daylight hours year round.

Royal Flowers has its own tissue culture lab, which reproduces new plants free of viruses, and bacteria, which are then propagated in Royal’s nurseries. Their state of the art post-harvest can process hundreds of thousands of stems each day.

Royal’s 24/7 e-commerce shopping platform shows customers future production and connects with their wholesale clients’ web shops for seamless integration.

Royal Flowers works closely with the world’s major breeders in order to introduce new flower varieties each year, allowing it to stay in front of industry trends and pop culture fashion.

Royal Flowers also has its own freight forwarding company, FreshLink Cargo, which facilitates logistics worldwide by air, sea and ground, of both perishable and non-perishable items, to and from Ecuador.

Ukraine is basically the last emerging market in Europe with a population of over 45 million people who are very fond of Flowers & Plants.

Flower Expo Ukraine is being organised under the patronage of the Flower Council of Ukraine and each year, the exhibition brings together industry professionals from the horticultural sector from around Ukraine and other CIS countries.

During Flower Expo Ukraine 2018 some 9,000 visitors made their way to the exhibition to source new products, make new contacts, obtain market information or visit one of the numerous floral demonstrations.

Some 95 companies from 9 countries worldwide have chosen Flower Expo Ukraine as platform to launch or strengthen their business in Ukraine.

The return of Royal Flowers underlines the large potential of Ukraine and positive developments in the market.

For more information:


Organisers of Flower Expo Ukraine are very pleased to welcome StoKolex from The Netherlands once again!

StoKolex is a company that specializes in the growing and exporting of tulip bulbs for the forcing of tulips.

They are situated in Dirkshorn (The Netherlands) from where they work on supplying their customers in Eastern Europe. They have their own sales offices in Poland and Ukraine.

StoKolex delivers a high quality product at a fair price for their customers and thus has achieved a competitive place in the flower bulb market in Eastern-Europe. Their biggest strength is that they produce a large part of the product themselves on their own fields.

Their several decades of experience in growing flower bulbs guarantees high quality. They share their experience freely with their clients and help them maximize the quality in their greenhouses.

Tulips are their main export product, but they also deliver daffodils, gladiolus, hyacinths and irises.

See more on www.stokolex.com



Dekker Chrysanten joins Flower Expo Ukraine again!

Dekker Chrysanten is a Dutch company. It is one of the world’s largest breeders and propagators of chrysanthemums.

With 1,200 employees, Dekker Chrysanten also has the clout to play a meaningful role in the market and has the entire process from breeding new crossings to creating products ready for sale completely covered. They research, breed, propagate, trade, cultivate, and market. Dekker Chrysanten has its own laboratory, test locations, and propagation and breeding companies.

By continuously updating its range with attractive varieties, Dekker Chrysanten maintains the interest of consumers in chrysanthemums. They do not only do this in the Netherlands, but they operate on a global scale through distributors and their own sales offices in Colombia and South Africa. With production sites in Hensbroek (The Netherlands) and Tanzania, Dekker Chrysanten is able to supply chrysanthemum cuttings to clients around the world.

See more at: https://dekkerchrysanten.com/



Bock Bio Science GmbH participating for the first time at Flower Expo Ukraine!

As pioneers in the field of vitro propagation, Bock Bio Science GmbH is already today creating and propagating the plants that will make their customers happy tomorrow.

At Bock they firmly believe that, naturally, beautiful plants enhance our lives.

With their science expertise and passion, they grow emotions for you that sell: strong and dynamic naturally beautiful products for a market, developed, planned, and cultivated within a creative and highly professional team.

Bock Bio Science GmbH is the inventor of new colours and shapes, and the guardians of a long-standing breeding tradition. They are committed to their customers and their word, standing for pure varieties, Hanseatic reliability, and first-class quality.

Bock Bio Science GmbH stands for more than 90 years of breeding experience.
This sets them apart – and makes them Bock.

Bock means breeding leaders.


Kordes‘ Söhne amongst the first exhibitors to sign up for 2019!

Kordes‘ Söhne is one of the most renowned rose breeder for garden roses, cut roses and pot roses. Their rose varieties are introduced by their agents and general licensees in over 30 countries and in many parts of the world Kordes’ market share is very high.

You will find roses from Kordes in many private gardens, public green spaces and botanical gardens.

The breeding and most of plant production of garden roses take place in their main branch in Northern Germany. All types of garden roses like climbers, shrub roses, hybrid teas, patio roses, shrub lets and floribunda are bred there, but also the breeding of cut roses for greenhouses and outdoor and the creation of new pot roses are done in Germany.

A total of 2.5 Mio. roses are produced every year in their main branch, which are delivered to private clients and retailers during the whole year – as bare-rooted roses or in Plant-o-fix-pots®. In the summer flowering container roses are sold directly at Kordes and delivered to their clients.

The team of Kordes is happy to welcome you on their stand at Flower Expo Ukraine 2019! More info can also be found on: https://www.kordes-rosen.com/