Organisers of Flower Expo Ukraine are very pleased to welcome StoKolex from The Netherlands once again!

StoKolex is a company that specializes in the growing and exporting of tulip bulbs for the forcing of tulips.

They are situated in Dirkshorn (The Netherlands) from where they work on supplying their customers in Eastern Europe. They have their own sales offices in Poland and Ukraine.

StoKolex delivers a high quality product at a fair price for their customers and thus has achieved a competitive place in the flower bulb market in Eastern-Europe. Their biggest strength is that they produce a large part of the product themselves on their own fields.

Their several decades of experience in growing flower bulbs guarantees high quality. They share their experience freely with their clients and help them maximize the quality in their greenhouses.

Tulips are their main export product, but they also deliver daffodils, gladiolus, hyacinths and irises.

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Dekker Chrysanten joins Flower Expo Ukraine again!

Dekker Chrysanten is a Dutch company. It is one of the world’s largest breeders and propagators of chrysanthemums.

With 1,200 employees, Dekker Chrysanten also has the clout to play a meaningful role in the market and has the entire process from breeding new crossings to creating products ready for sale completely covered. They research, breed, propagate, trade, cultivate, and market. Dekker Chrysanten has its own laboratory, test locations, and propagation and breeding companies.

By continuously updating its range with attractive varieties, Dekker Chrysanten maintains the interest of consumers in chrysanthemums. They do not only do this in the Netherlands, but they operate on a global scale through distributors and their own sales offices in Colombia and South Africa. With production sites in Hensbroek (The Netherlands) and Tanzania, Dekker Chrysanten is able to supply chrysanthemum cuttings to clients around the world.

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Bock Bio Science GmbH participating for the first time at Flower Expo Ukraine!

As pioneers in the field of vitro propagation, Bock Bio Science GmbH is already today creating and propagating the plants that will make their customers happy tomorrow.

At Bock they firmly believe that, naturally, beautiful plants enhance our lives.

With their science expertise and passion, they grow emotions for you that sell: strong and dynamic naturally beautiful products for a market, developed, planned, and cultivated within a creative and highly professional team.

Bock Bio Science GmbH is the inventor of new colours and shapes, and the guardians of a long-standing breeding tradition. They are committed to their customers and their word, standing for pure varieties, Hanseatic reliability, and first-class quality.

Bock Bio Science GmbH stands for more than 90 years of breeding experience.
This sets them apart – and makes them Bock.

Bock means breeding leaders.


Kordes‘ Söhne amongst the first exhibitors to sign up for 2019!

Kordes‘ Söhne is one of the most renowned rose breeder for garden roses, cut roses and pot roses. Their rose varieties are introduced by their agents and general licensees in over 30 countries and in many parts of the world Kordes’ market share is very high.

You will find roses from Kordes in many private gardens, public green spaces and botanical gardens.

The breeding and most of plant production of garden roses take place in their main branch in Northern Germany. All types of garden roses like climbers, shrub roses, hybrid teas, patio roses, shrub lets and floribunda are bred there, but also the breeding of cut roses for greenhouses and outdoor and the creation of new pot roses are done in Germany.

A total of 2.5 Mio. roses are produced every year in their main branch, which are delivered to private clients and retailers during the whole year – as bare-rooted roses or in Plant-o-fix-pots®. In the summer flowering container roses are sold directly at Kordes and delivered to their clients.

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