Royal Flowers returning to Flower Expo Ukraine!

The organizers of Flower Expo Ukraine greatly welcome the participation of Royal Flowers, one of Ecuador’s largest growers at Flower Expo Ukraine 2019!

Having participated a number of times before, the organizers are very pleased to see Royal Flowers returning to the exhibition with its own booth showing their best varieties and novelties.

Founded in 1991, Royal Flowers is one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-quality flowers with inventory in Quito, Miami and the Netherlands.

Their farms are located in two separate areas in the Andean highlands of Ecuador. Their distinct and ideal microclimates enable the cultivation of vibrant and hardy flowers in nutrient-rich volcanic soil, irrigated with glacial water from nearby volcanoes and lit with consistent daylight hours year round.

Royal Flowers has its own tissue culture lab which reproduces new plants free of viruses and bacteria, which are then propagated in Royal’s nurseries. Their state of the art post-harvest can process hundreds of thousands of stems each day.

Royal’s 24/7 e-commerce shopping platform shows customers future production and connects with their wholesale clients’ Webshops for seamless integration.

Royal Flowers works closely with the world’s major breeders in order to introduce new flower varieties each, year allowing it to stay in front of industry trends and Pop Culture fashion.

Royal Flowers also has its own freight forwarding company, FreshLink Cargo, which facilitates logistics worldwide by air, sea and ground, of both perishable and non-perishable items, to and from Ecuador.

Be sure to visit the Royal Flowers booth at Flower Expo Ukraine 2019!
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Kordes‘ Söhne amongst the first exhibitors to sign up for 2019!

Kordes‘ Söhne is one of the most renowned rose breeder for garden roses, cut roses and pot roses. Their rose varieties are introduced by their agents and general licensees in over 30 countries and in many parts of the world Kordes’ market share is very high.

You will find roses from Kordes in many private gardens, public green spaces and botanical gardens.

The breeding and most of plant production of garden roses take place in their main branch in Northern Germany. All types of garden roses like climbers, shrub roses, hybrid teas, patio roses, shrub lets and floribunda are bred there, but also the breeding of cut roses for greenhouses and outdoor and the creation of new pot roses are done in Germany.

A total of 2.5 Mio. roses are produced every year in their main branch, which are delivered to private clients and retailers during the whole year – as bare-rooted roses or in Plant-o-fix-pots®. In the summer flowering container roses are sold directly at Kordes and delivered to their clients.

The team of Kordes is happy to welcome you on their stand at Flower Expo Ukraine 2019! More info can also be found on: