Demo Program
Flower Expo Ukraine 2019

Each year the demo program that is being organised during Flower Expo Ukraine attracts florists and other professionals from all over Ukraine and neighbouring countries.

The organisers work together with the best floral designers in order to maintain a high quality demo program that offers newperspectives, shows new trends and knowledge exchange.

If you are a professional in flower business visiting one of our numerous demos is an absolute must.

As every year FlowerFame is one of the main organisers of the flower demonstrations on the main stage, which will take place during all three days of the exhibition. These flower demonstrations have become a major attraction point of the exhibition and include top designers from the Netherlands such as Peter van der Sluis and Mark Frank.

In addition to the demonstrations on the main stage there will be ongoing floral demonstrations in the stand of Flower Circus.
Flower Circus is traveling around the world to inspire and entertain florists during floral exhibitions and demonstrations.

During their shows their ‘Flower Magicians’ show the latest floral trends and techniques, while the ‘Ringmaster’ will inform about the ins and outs of the flowers and plants which are used, and how to take care of them.

More info:

    Program Floral Demonstrations  
Date: Time: Тopic: Designer / Organiser:
16 April  
10.30-11.00  Official Opening

Presentation of the «Lady Mara» Gerbera variety of Florist Holland dedicated to Maryna Kinakh

12:30-14.00 «Premium quality roses from around the world» Peter van der Sluis and Ton van Jaarsveld
FlowerFame (Netherlands)
14:10-15:10 Florists battle «Male bouquet» Florists: Serhii Parfonov, Vadym Yevich, Oleksandr Ivanenko, Yevhen Velychko, Zorian Kis, Denys Polovyk, Mai Maiakovskyi, Mykhailo Chudnovets, Andrii Lobodin, Volodymyr Horbenko
Guiding: Iryna Belobrova, Inna Petrenko
15.30-17.00 «Flower Demonstrations by Deliflor» Peter van der Sluis and Ton van Jaarsveld
FlowerFame (Netherlands)
17 April    
 11.00-12.30 «Flower Demonstrations by Royal van Zanten» Peter van der Sluis
FlowerFame (Netherlands)
12.40-13.30 Show «The Energy of Flowers» Marianna Debchynska,
Co-ordinator of the Association of Ukrainian Florists
 13.45-15.15 Wedding afternoon «Bridal Bouquets from around the world» Flower Magician Mark Frank
Flower Circus
 15.30-17.00 Wedding afternoon «Bridal Bouquets New Style» Peter van der Sluis
FlowerFame (Netherlands)
18 April    
11.00-12.30 «Repetition of the Publics Favourite Arrangement» Peter van der Sluis
FlowerFame (Netherlands)
13.00-13.30  The project «Spring Fantasies» (body art with flowers) Florists: Iryna Vintonyak, Ksenia Kalmus, Alla Shatalina, Larysa Gordienko, Tetiana Eremenko
Association of Ukrainian florists
13.45-14.15 Blitz show «Spring watercolors» Natalia Ageeva
Natalia Ageeva International Academy of Floristics