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Each year the demo program that is being organised during Flower Expo Ukraine attracts florists and other professionals from all over Ukraine and neighbouring countries.

The organisers work together with the best floral designers in order to maintain a high quality demo program that offers new perspectives, shows new trends and knowledge exchange.

If you are a professional in flower business visiting one of our numerous demos is an absolute must.

For this year the organisers work together with several partners including FlowerFame from Holland; they will organise a number of demos on all three days of the exhibition.

This year we are proud to work with the Floral Designers Peter van der Sluis and Ton van Jaarsveld. Please see below more information about them.

Peter van der Sluis:

Peter van der Sluis (was born in 1979) is a person who has become a phenomenon in the world floristry.

His career began in 2000, when Peter founded his own firm Blooming and began studying to get a master’s degree on design in the University.

In his student days, he created a new brand in the field of floristics, namely, its own way of presentation of flowers combined with their marketing and advertising.

And in 2002, Peter became European champion in floral design.

After a brilliant graduate in 2004 Peter travels around the world as a Florist & Designer in the event business and exhibitions.

His creativity, talent and extraordinary ability inspire people to use real flowers to create beautiful floral compositions, design and decoration.

You can will see more works of Peter on the site:

Ton van Jaarsveld: 

Since 1998 Ton van Jaarsveld is freelance Top Floral Designer. Ton has a lot of experience all over the world in training, advising, decorating, (product) presentations, landscaping, styling/restyling etc.

Ton van Jaarsveld graduated from florist school in 1976 after which he got his Master Florist Degree. From 1984 until 2006 Ton van Jaarsveld was director/owner of a High Standing, Exclusive Flower shop; Ton van Jaarsveld Flower Decoration. Together with his team of 10 experienced employees, they were an absolute guarantee for unique flower creations and solutions.

More information can also be found on:


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